Cruel Intentions
2001-04-04 10:55:01 (UTC)

Frank wants me MUHAHAHAHA

Aw.. u didnt write in here.. very disappointing Sabastian!

Ok,at the moment, Frank has forgotten about Kami, kissed
me, and wants to marry me.I have already shown you some of
the stuff he wrote, but heres some more, just for the

Frank2982: we can still go with the
us getting married way of getting you
over here to the USA hehe

Frank2982: if we did though, that
means id have to go get lots of money
so i can take care of you and stuff and
get our own house and every thing

CherriesDFWM: ohies, i have 5 new
Frank2982: cool :-)
CherriesDFWM: uh-huh *L* somebody
loves me enough to write
Frank2982: yay
Frank2982: well i love you enough
to marry you *nods and smiles* hehe
Frank2982: but i have to ask your
father for your hand in marriage... or
something stupid like that hehe
Frank2982: I dont want them mad at
Frank2982: and your dad has to walk
you down the aisle and stuff

Frank2982: coolies, so you will be
20 real soon hehe
CherriesDFWM: uh-huh
CherriesDFWM: im an old fart *L*
Frank2982: *giggles*
Frank2982: well your still sexy
Frank2982: we can get a beach house
and make love all night long the first
night of the honey moon *giggles*

CherriesDFWM: ok, i guess i should
really let u get some sleep
Frank2982: yeah, me needs my sleep
Frank2982: *hugs and kotl**smiles*
CherriesDFWM: *suprised* *smile* *hug* um.. night frank
Frank2982: *grins* why ya surprised
hehe you wanna get married, hehe we
will be kissing and stuff *smiles*
CherriesDFWM: *L* yeah i guess
CherriesDFWM: *smile* nite franky
Frank2982: hehe *smiles* night
night *would kiss you again but you
probably wouldnt want another kiss
since i surpised you last
CherriesDFWM: *L* who said i
wouldnt want another one?
Frank2982: hehe *gives you another
quick kotl* night
CherriesDFWM: *smile* nite franky
Frank2982: night niki boo *smiles*

god.. it makes me sick how lovey dovey he can be, damn, its
like, yeah i did what i wanted to, i got him to like me,
that wasnt hard at all... and now it sorta seems like hes
gonna want a relationship or some shit, and i dont. And
where the fuck was the challange? 2 days and hes forgotten
about Kami.. maybe i should ahve waited till they were
together, thats always fun. hmm.. who do we know that are
together? theres Kat n Mango, but hes never online enough
for me to bother with, I talk to him for like 5 minutes a
week if that.
now about frank..How do i keep playing him and not have to
commit or anything stupid like that? hmm... i guess u
always had ur plan, always had a g/f so u made the others
stay quiet. good deal. but i aint gonna be his g/f!! *L*
hm.. anyway, I have another guy on the tables.. his name is
Michael, and he called me tonight, he lives in Sydney..

oh, and another thing heh.. when i mentioned u, he went all
*smile* u know what i love about all this? KNOWING that
they sit there at night thinking about me, wanting me..
obsessing over me.. *evil grin*

- Niki

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