Date With Destiny
2001-12-12 11:47:55 (UTC)



I’m glad to be here – especially now! It’s a great time
for me to put my best foot forward, have the best attitude
ever, and make life a little better for everyone else
around me.

I care about the people in my life, and I let them know
it! Now, more than ever, I take the time to listen, to
encourage, to respect, and to look for – and find the very
best in everyone I meet.

I know that now is a time that can be lonely for some, and
busy and hectic for others. So I do everything I can to
give friendship to the lonely, and peace and calm to those
who have less than I do.

No matter how busy I am, or what I have to do, I add an
extra measure of serenity and quiet to each day.

I keep the best memories and joys of the past, close to
me. But I also know that it is up to me to create the
greatest new memories for the future, in everything I do

I take the time to do something special for those who are
less fortunate than I am. The greatest gifts I receive
come from the gifts, the belief, the support, and the joy
that I give to others.

I choose to be happy! I smile a lot. I have kind words
for everyone else – and I also have kind words for myself.

Right now, especially, I choose to think in the positive,
keep my perspective, have a great, winning attitude, find
the best in others, and express the very best of myself.

I remind myself every day of the incredible joy that is
within my life, and within my reach. Each day I live the
joy – and share the spirit. I make sure that the light
that is in me, adds light to everything and everyone around

I choose to make this time, right now, one of the greatest,
happiest, most giving, most rewarding, and most worthwhile
times of my entire life!

I know that I’ll never have another chance to be right
here, right now, at this incredible moment in my life. So
I’m going for it – and I’m doing it! I’m glad to be here –
and it shows!

I believe in you,