My Thoughts and Dreams
2001-04-04 10:35:20 (UTC)

Is there really such a thing as..

Is there really such a thing as true love? We have all had
our fantasies as to what we think love is or should be.
When I was a little girl, I use to dream of a knight
showing up and rescuing me, taking me off to live happily
ever after. Then I grew up and reality set in. There are no
white knights and there is no never never land. But can
there be a "happily ever after"? I'd like to think so. I
guess I am still one of those people that believe that no
matter what cruelty there is in this world, that true love
is the one thing that remains pure, and whole, and
possible. I remember one time when I was in college and a
friend of mine was getting married. She had only dated this
guy for a couple of months. When I asked her if she truly
loved him, her words were, " He is a good provider. We
don't fight very much and we can get along. At least I will
be taken care of." Is that what we have become? Do we
settle now instead of searching for that one person that
makes our hearts skip a beat and leaves us breathless every
time he or she walks into the room? I don't know. Maybe I
am living in a dream world of my own. I would like to think
that true love still exists out there in this big world
somewhere. I would still like to believe that when someone
says those three little words that they actually mean them
and that they come from the bottom of their heart. I would
like to believe in the "happily ever after" and that when
people take those wedding vows they mean them. Not just for
that moment, but for all time. Does believing in all of
this mean that I am living in a dream world? Maybe so.
However, if I am, then I don't know about you, but I don't
ever want to wake up. Somewhere out there, true love
exists. It may only be in the fairy tales. But God gave us
the ability to love, truly love, unconditionally. That is
one of the things that sets us apart from other creatures.
It would be a shame to live our whole lives and let that
special priviledge pass us by.