My Life
2001-12-12 07:23:13 (UTC)


Today @ work was ok. I just found out my friend since the
5th grade is bisexual but couldn't of told me about it. She
is really kewl and all but I am not sure if I will be ok
with her talking about her ex-girlfriends and ex-lovers. I
mean I have nothing wrong with people who feel they need to
do that but it is my religion that its wrong so I don't
like how she lives but I like her. I hope that makes since.
Oh well if it doesn't. My mom and dad are really pissing me
off. They are saying I am selfish and that I have no
compashion for any1 and that I am embrassed of the family.
You would be embrassed to if your father who had a really
good paying job quit to work @ a fast food resturant and
then complains about how tired he is. I work 40 hours a
week, go to school full time, and still do my after school
activities and all he does is sit on this damn computer and
get fat. My mom is the worst. She will yell @ me and call
me a bitch. She called me a bitch last night 9 times
because I wouldn't give her my check which I spent very
hard making so she could pay her bills. It isn't my job to
take care of the family and it shouldn't feel right to ask
your 16 year old daughter for 150 bucks when you know she
only made 200 and Christmas is right around the corner. I
mean it wouldn't be so bad if they paid me back but my mom
has a saying, "I'd rather owe it to ya then beat it out of
ya." My dad always brings up the story "Well, I spent day
and night changing your diapers and buying those diapers."
I think I am grateful but enough is enough. I don't think
they understand how hard it is for me. My mom and dad
aren't really my parents. They are really my aunt and uncle
and since I lived with them for 16 years they decided to
have me call them Mom and Dad which has fucked up my life
so badly. My biological mother lives a state away and she
comes and sees my sister and I about every other weekend.
She calls everyday and my sister and I visit her about 3
times a month. My aunt and uncle I think are jealous
because I am not doing everything they say now and if I am
its not the way they believe it should be done. They think
that my sister shouldn't be allowed to come and visit me
and I can't go over to her house and spend the night. I
just wish I could change my living arrangements and perhaps
the attitude of some of the people living with us. I have
13 people living in my house right now and its not a pretty
site. My aunt yells constantely and she is always gripping
at someone to do this for her. I say "Get off your lazy ass
and do it yourself." We aren't your maids that when you say
jump we ask how high.