Thoughts for Growth
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2001-12-12 07:04:54 (UTC)

Loss of Innocence...

Three months ago, the United States of America was
attacked without warning and without justification. The
perpatrators of this act now cower in Afganastan in the
wake of an overwhelmingly strong American response. Now
it is time to take stock of the situation and reaffirm our
known situation.

In the past three months thousands of people have died and
countless billions of dollars have been spent on the
deployment of men and material of war in far off lands.
So has it all been worth it? Did the US deserve such an
attack? Why do certain extremist groups hate the US so
much? Can these groups be reasoned with?

The simple answer is that there can be no reasoning with a
group of people who's sole reason in life is the
termination of yours. These individuals do not represent
the mainstream Muslim culture and are not bound to the
facts behind Muslim law. The only possible solution is
the to "eliminate" the individuals. Whether that is by
killing them or if it is by arresting every last one of
them it matters not. To that end, any measure that can be
taken to guarentee the safety of the public whole is
completely acceptable as long as the rights of the public
whole is not compromised. If it takes the blood of
American Servicemen then so be it. However, the lives
these military personel should not be taken lightly.
Rather, they should be given every regard and given every
respect. It is now the time to act, safety must be
restored and victory must be achieved.

The risks of letting terrorism continue are great.
Imagine a terrorist attack with nuclear weapons, and you
tell me that there is a cost too high to stop this now.