still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-12-12 06:08:10 (UTC)

Jason and Square figure girl...ugh

Okay well I am pretty tired and want to go to bed early so
this might not make much sense(I think I always use this
disclaimer)Anyway I have to get up early tomorrow for a job
interview. I'm gonna check out another mortgage company and
see what their commission structure and leads look
like...what the hell. I called my old boss today and he
wrote me a reccomendation letter whhich was nice of him. I
showed off my new car to the people I used to work with...I
didn't realize how much I missed them...this is the same
place that I met Jason and that motherfucker!!!I have been
thinking about him ever since he called on Saturday...I
talked to my friend Adrienne who is dating Jason's friend
and she saw him Friday night at their Christmas party for
work..Apparently Jason ot his old job back but in a
different department than her. She was telling Adrienne how
I took everything and left Jason with nothing...Adrienne
said"Yeah I know I helped her"I love Adrienne. Well
apparently this girl is not attractive at all and she's 21,
a little chunky(square figure girl) and she told Adrienne
that her and Jason fight everyday(ee what a shocker)She was
also saying how stressed she was because she put a dvd
player and big screen TV on her credit card but that Jason
was gonna make the payments(doesn't that sound all too
familiar)Apparently he did Coke that night and she doesn't
so drugs so she was mad about that...I'm thinking that's
why he called and was so nice...He was always nice to me
when he was on Coke and last time we were broke up and he
was living with Brandy he called me up all coked out and
said it made him miss me...hmmm...well if only he knew how
much I miss him...oh well...I know I'm better off but I
sure miss him holding me.We did have some good times
together and it hurts that I was easily replaced once again
I wish I had someone to take my mind off of him but better
that I just focus on me...Lipo in one week ..hopefully hair
in 6 months....Tressa 2002 as my friend Silvana calls what
will be the new gotta run...