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2001-12-12 03:04:33 (UTC)

To be Happy is to be Health - Destination anywhere

I was hearing and reading that song Destination Anywhere.
I noticed a phrase that says they won't let we go if we
never try.
Happiness is a sign of mind health.
I will look for old friend Marcela. Everything started
when I was meeting her at streets. May I get more help
trying it.
I will not get anything if hiting back to same problem.
Lost friends can't be reached if we don't make things for
My friend Mel can't see or feel me. She is upset with her
own life.
I look for her. Speak to her. But she can't answer me.
I will put more value to my life. It may make me more
visible to her instead all that tough false friends.
Tomorrow is a better and rainy day.

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