between love and hate

there is a thin line
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2001-04-04 06:19:27 (UTC)

missing him.....................

It 2am in the morning and my sleeping habbits
have gotten worse my back hurts,and i miss the
company off my husband.I miss him being there
beside me,miss his touch.Miss making love with
him,miss his smell..............miss the good
night kisses..oooooohhhhh the softness of his
lipps.and most of all his voice waking me in
the morning and his big smile full of dimpels.
my back on the other hand is a different
story it willhurt no matter what i do!!!!!!
so ill just deal with it......
i dream of him at night when i do sleep....
i wonder does he also dream of the wife he has
at home? does he miss the same things?is it
possible to love some one so much that you
dont know where you begin and he ends,or he
begins and you end?????????????


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