Anonymous Thoughts
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2001-12-12 04:40:11 (UTC)

Greatest feeling

The greatest feeling right now ... knowing that your own
experiences and "tragic" experiences can help another
... well i know maybe not tragic, but just that ... when u
hit bottom and go through tons of crap and u get
through it ... its an amazing feeling to know that your
words can actually help someone ... just wow ... and
yea... too all you people out there who go through
cutting, and depressing, and crap assy guys ... just
know, theres hope!! ... hehe, i sound like some kind of
preacher!! oh wells ..
anyways, i started this diary ... or i have 3 ... each one i
like different aspects ...
i think i like ... (lilazndreams) the
most ... but then it sometimes gets backed up and
slows down and won't save my entry so i get pissed off
at it ...
and then i have a new diary at ... ...
(sleepylilazn) ... and i like that one, cuz it has cool
backrounds and my friend kat has a diary there too ... its
nice ....
and then here ... i have this one, cuz i read this other
girl's diary entry and her situation she talked about was
one that i went through ...exactly the same!! so that
interested me ... and u know .. i realize, so many girls
go through that ... and it makes me so sad ... cuz i know
how much it hurts and how crazy it can drive you ... and i
hate those bastardy types of guys for their stupid
testosterone and their uncaring way s... grrr!

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