2001-12-12 04:26:17 (UTC)

Little Substance

This has been a long day but there wasn't much in it.

I baked more Christmas cookies this morning.

We had dinner very early because of a doctor's appointment
which was late in the afternoon. We picked up John's
repaired power washer (the pump needed to be replaced) in
Albany, then went to Corvallis and stopped at Goodwill
but didn't find anything worth buying although there was
loads of Christmas stuff out. After the doctor's
appointment we made a quick stop at Fred Meyers to buy a
couple of gallons of milk.

We were all hungry when we got home so I fixed a second
supper, except that it was more like breakfast-- French
toast with strawberry jam, bacon, orange juice and hot

A few little observations--the woman ahead of us at Fred
Meyers who was wearing shorts and looked as if she might
have been jogging, bought crackers, a small jar of peanut
butter, a six pack of beer and a bottle of wine, which would
make for an interesting dinner or snack. The women behind
us was buying two dozen very elegant looking champagne
flutes--made of plastic. We saw many Christmas lights on
the way home and my favorite was a simple star of white
lights on the side of a barn.

As in everything, sometimes less is more.