Forgotten Misery
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2001-12-12 03:53:28 (UTC)

Being let go

Today was not a very good day as always for me. Started
off by I over slept missed the bus and had to drive half
asleep and I looked like a pile of dog shit or roadkill
that had been run over and run over I feel like road kill
right now I keep getting ran over by people cause I let
them do it and im always afraid to stand up for myself. I
had a band concert a no show by geoff even now anways to go with
the title and what up with that

I feel as you are letting go
I will be leaving soon and the wonderful thing called us
will fade into a distant memory in your mind.
I know u dont want to be with me so y dont u let me go I
feel your heart belongs to someone else.
The calls have stoped
The time spent together is less in a time it should be more
Im left speechless and very confused on what to do everyone
tells me to let u go yet I Love u and always will yet the
love is only strong on one side. Please tell me how u feel
the truth and dont feel obligated to me cause ur not i will
go on after time and i will miss u but if thats what must
be then so be it let me go I'll be ok Cause I dont want to
hold u down if im not the one u love go after the girl u
love cause it cant be me cause u are letting me slip away
and out of your heart.

Dang I should be one of those writers lol