2001-12-12 03:25:47 (UTC)

May the Goddess help me!!!

I'm panicing!!!

Tomorrow after school I got an audition for Grease. I am a
nervous wreck. The more I sing, the worse I sound. Who am I
kidding? I can't sing. I think I can fake some sounds, and
maybe I have a nice voice.(maybe) But thing is that I suck.
I still haven't memorized my monologue to perform and I
don't know if I will. I would love to be in this play. I
know the teacher would be able to give me a small part
since I'm in her class, but I will not (repeat NOT) any
time soon be in a performance where I'm not in much. The
last performance sucked cause I committed more then most of
the people there and I had one of the smallest parts. At
the end I felt as though I've been wasting my time. I just
don't want a small part anymore. J'ai na merre!!!

Godess please help me. I wish I would have been able to do
spells. It would sure come in usefull nowadays.

Better not waste time, so chow!