Tamra's life
2001-04-04 05:10:17 (UTC)

Hello peoples...I guess you..

Hello peoples...I guess you probably wanna get to know me a
little before you start reading my personal thoughts. My
name is Tamra and I live in San Diego, CA and i am a senior
in high school. I used to have a "normal" diary, but i got
to busy to write in it. I started this thing up because i
need to get things off my chest! o, by the way, i cant
spell for sh*t, so ya..
Anyway, I have a boyfriend of about 2 months named Adam and
I love him to bits and pieces! He saved me from a doomed
realtionship with my first love, Joe. Joe got me into some
bad shit(ie, drugs and sex). He was just a bad influence
and it took me a long time to get over him..Im really still
working on it! back to adam, he helped me so much and he
wanted to be there for me(and he was)every step of the way.
I am going to marry him because we both need eachother.
This might sound like im obbessed but im not. We are both
so in love with eachother!
like for instance, my dad has been an asshole the last
couple days and Adam is helping me coop with it. My dad
came in to class with me for this interview thing that i
had to do for my Journalism class and i asked him what he
would do if he only had 24 hours to live. His reply was i
would spend 12 hours on my bike(he rides bikes) and 12
hours with someone. My friend nikky asked him who he would
spend the 12 hours with and he said, without
hesitantion, "My girlfriend." THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF!
HIS FAMILY! he claims he was trying to be funny but
whatever...then he yells at me about it and tells me not to
tell my mom and makes me promise. Later that day, Adam came
over and i started crying 'cause of what my dad said in
front of my mom and adam. My mom got pissed at my dad and
while i was crying, my stupid dad calls and i tell him that
what he said really upset me and he just says sorry bunches
of times, but it didnt sound like he really ment it...ya
know? anywho, then today he sends me an email saying he was
nervous and stuff and calls me and says he couldnt sleep at
all and make me feel guilty that i got upset! i mean, would
grrrrrr- o poor daddy! wawah! my dad is not supposed to be
an ass..why does he have to be? he was a great dad
before...expect for the fact he left my mommy for no
reason, but thats a different story. Ill update soon..see


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