becs crap
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2001-12-12 03:05:15 (UTC)

the bomb

oh score. i love when teachers tell you they dont want to
give a final, then they drop the bomb and the bomb is
this: oh yeah, and your final is worth 25% of your grade
and will be about shit youve never seen before in your
life, essay style. imagine my dismay when the teacher
hands me my test BOOK! oh yes, and my accomplis, megan,
was also quite surprised...actually i think the words she
used were, "holy fuck! guess im not countin on THAT class
to boost my g.p.a.". and shes right...that test sucked
major ass.

i need to go to the gym, i need to catch up on sleep, i
need to clean my room and do my laundry, i need to go open
another bank account. somehow i find miniscule tasks that
keep me busy. hmm, an omen perhaps?? ah yes, perhaps so.

but for now, im exhausted, and so i will sign off for now
and go eat some dinner!! yum yum yum...


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