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2001-12-12 02:57:49 (UTC)

let's see

ok so today was good...or was it? my heart did that thing
again. and it was really weird i had some canned fruit
during my heart attack and then it was better. it's truly a
miracle fruit. whoda thunk? anywho then i took a nap cuz i
felt like shit...or maybe i took a nap heart
always does that thing it does when i take naps...hmmm
maybe i shoudln't sleep. it's obvioulsy bad for my heart.
so my acting project is tomora. i'm scared. i'm gonna play
bass and wahtnot..dammit. i hope it goes well. i hope i
know what i'm doing. hehe. so i called eric to make sure he
was ok b/c doug told me he needed a cat scan. riiight. so
he makes up the lamest excuse ever to get off the phone, "i
have to help my grandma set the table and do my homework
and i'm waiting for the doctor to call" why is this lame.
well let's see....he has call waiting, doctors take more
than a few hours to read a cat scan, oh and how do you do
homework and set the table at the same time? especially
when you can't raise your arms over your head, or pick
things up b/c you have an abdominal tear? he must think i'm
the biggest fucking idiot alive. but actually he is. cuz he
fucked with me...and u don't fuck with me. and i'm pissed.
so he better watch out. oh yeah..he's in for it. and the
funniest thing was the day before he was complaining b/c i
don't talk to him anymore....oooh boy. i hate people i hate
people. to top that my friend didn't talk to me b/c i
didn't hear her say hi to me all day, my other friend was
supposed to come over but didn't for the third time in a
row, and i was told i'm not as hot as brittany spears. fuck
that shit. i bitched her out good. anywho i'm done....leave
a message.