My Life Story
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2001-12-12 02:56:28 (UTC)

Long time...

Wow! It's been a really long time since I've written. I
could probably go on for days trying to get you caught up
on everything, but I'll just go straight to the present. It
will save me a lot of typing, and you a lot of reading.
Well, Sunday I was at church practicing some songs with
this other lady from our choir that we're singing for the
Christmas program the two of us are doing and she was
telling me about some stuff that my parents had told her
that morning in church. See, I was at this youth retreat
all weekend, and it was basically a bunch of couples and
me. That put me in a really awkward position. It wouldn't
have been quite so bad, except that my last (and only)
relationship was over a year and a half ago. Well,
apparently my mom was telling her how she really wanted me
to have a boyfriend. And then I guess my dad is really
pissed that I'm not dating around more and that I'm not
with anyone right now. He said he doesn't want me to go off
and marry the first guy I meet like my mom did. They
haven't actually said any of this to my face, just to other
people that have told me. Tonight at dinner my dad kept
asking me if I've got a boyfriend, and if there's anyone I
like...stuff like that. I never know what to say to him. I
mean...do I just come out and say "Oh yeah, I've been with
tons of guys but it was never anything serious. We just
screwed around." Or do I say "Yeah, there is one guy I
like....that college guy that you banned me from seeing.
I've been dating him off and on for awhile and have just
been lying to you about where I'm going." What the hell am
I supposed to tell him?? I suppose I could just tell him
that the truth of it all is that I just can't get a
boyfriend, despite my desperate attempts for the past
couple years. Yeah, that's just what I want. Then my
parents will just pity me...even more! Grr...I hate this!
Why can't they just stay out of my love life?? And why do
all my friends that are hooked up insist on always talking
to me about they boy/girlfriend?? It all just puts me in a
horrible mood and makes me feel awful about myself!!!
Anyways, now that I've thoroughly depressed myself for the
night, I'm gonna go. Later.

~Daria :)