Anne Fox
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2001-12-12 02:49:32 (UTC)

December 11th

So, this week sucks worse than the week before.
I got great phone calls from O-ligz and JB today about how
I am too good for Durham and I am "so Ivy League." Um, this
just goes to show how little so many people really know
about me! Actually, I can't think of a single person who
knows everything about me at the moment.
Jordan Ainsley knows a hell of a lot about me, but she is a
fresh face, she's knew to the whole Anne scene. She thinks
way too much, just like me.
Jordan and I talk way too much about Allison, particularly
in relation to how little I actually care about Allison
right now. Allison needs to get off the drugs and shit and
just take a deep breath and stop trying to be s thousand
things that she is not.
So far, the only redeeming notion of this week, possibly
undermined by my bad grades, was my acceptance to Tulane.
Tulane is no Duke, but then how much do I really deserve to
be at Duke next fall? Not really at all.
So tomorrow is my AP BIO exam, followed up by four more AP
midterms, and Ill end this hell- week with H-CAL exam. Hell
yeah, Mr. Suarez and our crazy headbands. Maybe I'll get
stoned before that exam.
So I am so anxious (anxietous should be a word) in
anticipation of my Duke rejection. I PROMISE myself
repeatedly that I absolutely will not be upset. But then
again we'll see, I'm the one who cries in English class,
cries in religion class, and cries listening to practically
any song on the radio.
Must quit smoking, no shit.
Cigarettes are disgusting. I wish myself the best of luck,
and pray that I do not become fat.
I am so unclear as to what I'll do when I don't get into to
Duke. I am too hesitant to apply ED2 to Emory, so the
future looks easy, as in THE BIG EASY! I think my options
are gonna come down to FSU, Tulane and Rhodes. Mmmm...
My thoughts revolve around the blue devils. Must prepare my
life to be shattered.
Anyways, I hate all my teachers except for Dr. K and Mrs.
Deweese. Mrs Lukacs and Mr. Suarez need to loosen up and
learn to grow up.
I like it that I am talking to several of my OB buddies
now, I really enjoy my memories in Maine. I hope that me
and Sarah are friends forever.
I doubt that any of my Berkeley friendships will last
forever. I get that feeling in my stomach whenever I think
about anyone from school.
I hate vanity and superficiality, yet I am so self-
absorbed and think I am the most beautiful girl alive. What
a hypocrite.
Good luck to myself on my exams!
Pray for cooler weather!

---Anne Fox

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