edy's life
2001-12-12 02:36:39 (UTC)


you dotn liek the end of that poem well how bout the start
of this one forget alright everytime i talk to you you
throw o well i htink i liek marc and all this stuff just to
get me to go out with you well forgte it alrite im sick and
board of sayin n hearin the same old shit i love you but..
fuck that theres no such thing as that just realize that
iim not the one and give up forget girls and aall that
lookin i wana spark up that bong and get to cooken if you
wna smoek thas cool will roast then talk but the boy friend
thing is just out of the question im sayin we can light up
the blunt but i gota be blunt i just wana be friends or if
you wnat somthing morer but close is cool but together is
not so lets just smoke be happy and get on with it ok ?