Dirty Fractyl
2001-12-12 02:31:34 (UTC)

I wonder how BLING BLING would sound on the guitar...

Yeah. Admit it. You all wonder, too. An alternative/punk
version of BLING BLING. Oh, it can, and will be done. Ya
heard?! And who will bring it to you? None other than Dr.
Shot himself. Be prepared, grab your fo'tiez and be
prepared for some sick sick ill ass alternative rap. ;)

Well, it's amazing how when someone tells you something
really foreboding that you have trouble believing, it can
actually come true. "I am falling." I remember those
words. She, indeed, was right.

All the while, I am ascending to higher and higher heights--
all without my friend weed! He's been absent lately, for
about the last month...and amazingly, I haven't minded at
all. I am doped up on the drug of love, I guess. Yeah,
yeah, mock me all you want. ;) It's true, though, I am
totally intoxicated by her love.

This world can offer,
This world can offer,
everything you swore was never there.