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2001-12-12 01:35:59 (UTC)


Oh my gosh I am so super bored, well not actually but it's
just fun I don't have anything to do. It kind of sucks
that my room is being occupied by a sleeping person but
that's better than her sleepign elsewhere i guess!! So
you'll will be so super proud, I got ended it with another
guy!! Do you know what that means? Yeah that's right, I
don't have any sort of relationship with any guy!! How
awesome is that? I feel so much better, awwwwww..the
relief, it finally feels like i'm actually done with this
semester! SO yeah I did make it to the SAC eventually, had
a blast!! THen I stopped by my bro's and we went to Meijer
to pick up a super cool surprise for someone ;*) hehe. Now
Krista my neighbor is such a ho, oh my gosh!!! Anyhow
that's pretty much it now i'm goign to try to make myself

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