buffalo girl

phsycho's life
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2001-12-12 01:35:22 (UTC)

my dad is a freak!

hehe my dad was bein a chicken at supper. literally. he was
clucking and flapping his arms to look like wings. my
parents are very strange....they're ok tho. mom's not home
tonite! yay! she's at some meeting thingy. i have no idea
what for tho. so i get to be online probly till she gets
home, cuz then she'll probly make me get off. we didn't
hafta practice with b-squad today! i was so happy! we have
our next game on friday. i can't wait. i hope she plays me
more! cuz it sux to be a bench warmer. that's mostly what i
am. i feel like a big dork. i am tho. ok, i'm gonna get goin
now. g'night all!

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