My Thoughts
2001-12-12 01:33:11 (UTC)


Hey there again.....well finals are finally over for me,
but most of the college kids I know are just beginning the
hell that is EXAM TIME. Ha ha I am done. I arrived home
yesterday and gosh was I happy (yet very tired from the
lack of sleep I had had over the course of the week).
Anyways, I went to see Bradley when I got home!! I was
excited because it has been a while. Slept away the day
today, until about noon when I finally decided to wash
some clothes. I felt like cleaning so I cleaned up my room
a little bit. Then I saw Bradley again. I have a feeling I
am going to get bored very soon, because obviously my job
is not going to let me work any, which is good in a way
because it gives me more time for important things ( and
people, you know who you are), but I do get bored and I
really hate continual states of boredom. I have nothing to
do during the day since Bradley's in school and all my
other friends are still at college (BUT I do not envy
them ---hahahahaha). I guess I will take the time to
read...I have not done any reading lately simply because
there is no time. First I am going to read "The Hobbit"
and then hopefully I can start the "Lord of the Rings"
trilogy, and finish it quickly....hey it could happen. I
read fast. I will of course visit my mother, and I have to
have more dental work done....My dad is flying to PA to
get my grandmother a few days after Christmas, but I am
staying here. I can't see the fun in going anywhere...
Yeah anyways I don't feel like doing this anymore.