even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-12 01:17:55 (UTC)


so i finished my english paper... and im tired, and i was
jut thinking baou tniddle school, ack... im tkaing htese
pills to help me not be sick, but itink they make me feel
weird on the inside,like full, but bloated.... and hungry..
its so weird... do i eat? am i full? we'll see iguess... so
i just talked to chelsea and she seems to be doign well, im
glad... i dont; knwo im kind of like, mentally foggy cause
i just woke up, and i jhave a head ache and its 68 degrees
in my house, far too cold.. ithink i might watch a movie
later, but i dont; haveyone to watch it with, i think i
woke up feelign alone.... joslein is mad at me it ink, i
mean, i knwo somethings not normal, and i hope we'll talk
aboiut it... speaking of tlakng, i think i invited klingert
over to watch a movie tonight, but mayeb i didn't.. so..
btu yea, i kind of feel alone... well, i mean,i am alone,
but.. im kind of alone actually like no one is here, but..
kelly is working, alex is at home, candice is also at home,
joselin i think is mad at me, sam is at work, aum.. he
proabably woul;dnt call me anyway, nor would mike, or josh
or james... and im at my house.. so.. also, today iw as
walking behind klinger, friemand and camaron stallones,
behind them, they knew i was there, and i was behind, not
included, and of course not, they are good friends, and ii
am not, but i guess that mademe think that i coudl;nt
assimilate, even if i really wanted to, into their group...
then, ok then i thought baout middle school, and the poular
kids, and how i coulnt assimilate, even thought id idnt;
try, but i guess i really wanted to, and then i started
thinking about middle school boys, and then just oys, and
how itd be differnt if id gotten boy "experience" in middle
school, or earlier than now.. better late then never right?
but i mean... as far as "experience" goes, im pretty un
experienced, and wasn;t that what middle school was for?
trying things out? and i didn;t o that.. and i feel like i
missed out, kelly says better now than when im 20.. and i
agree... so.. we'll see, i guess.. and i guess that made me
feel alone too.. ack, alone is a bad feeling... i... i
don;t know.. it hink im gonna eat somehting... i dont; knwo
if i want to or now, though.. i can try and if it doesn't
work, i'll stop eating, but i can;t stop thinking , thats
for sure, because, i ahev a brain.. thank you, oh, profound
one.. i suck...

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