Inanity in Action
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2001-12-11 23:44:38 (UTC)

Kitsmoorb Kalooza

Yay, I now have an official public journal. Aren't we
excited? And since this is the very first time I have ever
written in a journal of any sort, I suppose I should enter in
a little about myself.
Name: Katarin, okay, so it's not the name I was born under,
but I respond to it better than to 'Rachel'
Nicknames: Kataklysm, Kalamity, Kat, Kat-Kit, Sphynx, Elf,
Kayle, freak, wierdo and WHAT-THE-FREAK-DID-YOU-DO-TO-MY-
Fav. Colors: indigo and silver
Age: 14
Likes: reading, writing, drawing, playing the oboe, crying
while laughing, making up random plots, annoying the heck out
of certain people
Dislikes: my 10 year-old brother, oboists who have only been
playing for a year or two, mean people, stupid people, crying
and self-pity, chauvanistic males, people calling me

Okeeday, truth to be told, I have no idea how to manage a
journal of any sort. The way I see it, most of the things I
actually want to remember are safer in my head, so why I'm
suddenly writing them down, and PUBLICLY no less, I have no

Somebody paid me a compliment on Furcadia, (a sort of
chatroom), today. They said I was so far off the deep end
that I was back in the shallow again. I'm proud :-P. Of
course, considering that fact that we were talking about the
dangers of giant eyeballs, (I had cited the Cyclops as an
example), can you really be too surprised?

I should really be doing math or french now, but I'm too
lazy. Anyway, I can do the french in study hall, and I'll
get the math done sometime or another, it's not particularly
hard. Next year I AM taking all 4 level courses, 3 levels
are so booooooooring! I'm just glad that I'm taking 4 level
biology and english... Speaking of english, the teacher is
really fun. We were watching The Odyssey in class, (yes, we
are also reading the book, Fitz Gerald's translation, and
it's pretty darn good), and after class we spent a few
minutes bashing Hollywood's strange twisting of the book.
[shivers] Never trust Hollywood with an epic from over a
decade ago, they'll feel compelled to add in all sorts of
gratuitous violence and sex.

I went and saw the Harry Potter movie a few days ago, and
then my friends and I enjoyed complaining about how horrible
it was. The only good scene was the Quidditch scene, and
that was because of the special effects.