ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2001-12-11 23:34:33 (UTC)

Today was an Ok DaY. It rained..

Today was an Ok DaY. It rained all day and it was
freezing cold. Whitney's birth-day is comming up in a
couple days and i still haven't gotten her anything. Im
excited about her party because im going to get to see
Eric. I haven't seen him in awhile. I can't wait till he
hears that im single! he he.... im gonna jump on him when i
see him and hump him and oh... i cant wait. ill probably
hook-up with him again. i dont know why i ever broke up
with him in the first place cuz he really is such a cool
guy, even though he's a bit immature and obsessed with
raver shit. im not really into that stuff. i cant even
really classify myself as anything... sad... Well, i bet
Chris is at the Slayer concert right now. lol. slayer.
thats some funny shit right there. well anywayz, today i
wore this NOFX shirt that i bought at Buffalo Exchange for
$8 and everyone was like "Oh you got a new shirt! How
cool!!!" Ya, it scared me. Im gonna wear my "sorry, i only
like emo boys with broken hearts" shirt tomorrow since me
and Chris aren't together no more. it would be nice to have
a boy that has had his heart broken before, cuz then i
could take care of him and i would never break his heart
because he would be just too nice and sweet. (ya, that
sounded weird, but hey, i dont care)

Well, i love rainy days. They're so peaceful and
nice. i just wish that was kicken it with my friends right
now cuz im so bored. well, later.

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