"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-12-11 23:33:37 (UTC)

Finally, coming off

Tomorrow is my big day I get my braces off and I am
excited. But worried I dont want to look ugly. You know
what I mean if I am ugly after I get them off what can I do
but go around looking ugly. It should'nt of worry about
that most people that I know that got theres off they didnt
look any different so I dont guess I will.
We have exams coming up next week and I have a feeling
I ma going to do pretty good. I should I have a exam in
band, weights, English and Biology. Biology should be the
hardest and Mr. Doss said that he thought his test was
harder, so I could be in good shape.
I need a job I am tring but nothing is working here I
hope K-mart calls I dont think buckle is. I am going to
try to get a job at a Dollar General in Madison one of my
friends work there so they might could help me get a job
there. I still have to buy Christmas presents and I dotn
have any money so I guess I am goig to have to use my
parents to buy them for me.
SOme good news about my car. My Step-grandpa said that
he wold fix me system for me for Christmas and that
includes getting a new CD player I have a 20w x 4 and i
need a 50w x 4 so one of my friends is going to sell me one
he just bought. Then I am going to trade my 8"s for as
much as I can and get either 2 10"s or 2 12"s i hope some
12"s. If he does that that would be great and with bigger
speakers i can be louder at K-mart when I go up there. As
my friends call it I'm ghettoed out. I love my ride.
Well thank you for readin and I hope you come back and
read again soon I have enjoyed your company and I hope you
have enjoyed mine as well. Thank you come again!!!!!#3