ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2001-12-11 23:20:27 (UTC)

The WoRSt dAY sInCe yEsTErday

Well, last night Paulina called me and told me that she
had talked to Chris before like 3rd hour or somethin and
she told him that we (me and him) needed to stop playing
the ignore-eachother-game (don't know what she was talking
about). So she told him that he needed to tell me how he
truly felt and not just go on not saying what is really on
his mind. SO he called me that night and was like " So, do
you still want to be b-friend/g-friend cuz i just wanna be
friends." I was shocked because i thought he wanted to just
talk to me about how i kinda have been ignoring him or
somethin, not end our like relationship! But i actually
didn't really care cuz i knew i was gonna break up with him
sooner or later... So today at school, things seemed to be
normal and he talked to me, just like we were friends...
but one thing that seemed a bit off was he kept staring at
me in class. I didn't look at him, but i could feel his
eyes on me and i didn't know why. Maybe that's just what
friends do. I have this crazy feeling that the reason he
didn't want to be with me was because i didn't have sex
with him. I mean, he asked me if i would do it with him on
the second day we were seeing eachother!! and i was
like "Uh, no,... too fast..." but i wanted to do it with
him now! we had been going out for like 4 months, but
obviously he just didn't want to hear what was on my
mind,... bastard. So now, he wont be gettin any from me! ha
ha. But it sucked cuz we hadn't gotten to really HAnG-OuT
in awhile since he's got a job and he's always getting
fuckin High with "Mota" Chris. I mean, i've done it before
and stuff(big deal) and hell, im doin it and gettin drunk
on Friday! But when he does it EVERY FuCCKiN Day, i just
get sick of being known as the loser potheads girl. FuCK
ThaT sHiT.

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