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2001-12-11 23:02:31 (UTC)

The new level

As the days go on me and joe get closer and closer.If it
wasnt for the fact that we arent supposed to be dating we
would be.Sometimes it seems like we are but we just dont
label it like that.Which I know isnt good.We see each other
way more than we know we should and are always emailing and
calling each other.We even go to another town about 45 min
away to hang out.I think we are both in denile sometimes
cause we will be like ok we have to stop doing this and we
do for like a week and then everything goes back to the way
it was.We will hold hands sometimes and just cuddle those
are the times I love the most.When I dont have to worry
whether or not anyone is watching.158 more days.

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