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2001-12-11 22:49:23 (UTC)

moving right along

so back to my whole intro to my diary...i am done with this
semester. next semester is going to be hectic. ive got
photo, photo lab, spanish, history, advanced swimming, and
even possibly english for a total of 16 units! damn!
someone shoot me in advance. in addition to school, ill go
back to work 5 times a week, plus helping to take care of
my family...which i have grown to actually love. a year
and a half ago, i would have never liked going out with
just my parents, would never of thought of hanging out and
playing with my sister and her gay ken dolls, or wrestling
with harry potter. well, ok, so ive always taken to
alexander, i guess cause hes been around longest...but hes
still a shit.
but seriously, i have changed SO much as a
person...i guess ive come into my own...whatever that
is...ive got this renewed sense on confidence that i used
to have, back in the day when i was younger and dumber to
the ways of the world. sure, i bitch and moan about every
little thing that doesnt go my way, but thats always been
my style. im not so shaken by the actions of others around
me...sometimes i still feel shaky, but i guess that can be
considered normal, cause is there a person out there that
ever doubts themselves? i worry about all the things
normal people worry about: am i gonna make something of
myself, what is my legacy, will i be alone when i die...but
if you are reading this and you can say that you havent
thought those things before and you never worry about shit,
then you are a far better person than i. props to ye who
never doubts!
and then there is something to be said for only
having but a few true friends. does that say ive got poor
people skills? i can trust three people that im close to;
and i dont care about much beyond them...
and so i dont end this on a downer, lets talk about
last night: WOO HOO! i havent been that drunk since megan
and i went out...scott and i had some vodka left over from
when we were supposed to go over to megan and frankies and
mish, and i finished it off last night. *note to readers,
dole pineapple orange juice is the shit, you cant even
taste the shitty vodka go down the pipes* so then scott
remembers that he needs to make a run to the store, EVEN
my car, and laughed at me, then we parked and he laughed at
me, then i said whats up to the guy that had bagged my
groceries an hour ago, and was now bagging scotts
groceries. let it be said that guys dont know how to shop
for groceries...they walk up and down the same damn aisle
not knowing their butt from a hole in the ground. and so
somehow i managed to stumble out of ralphs and into the
car, and with a little bit of my normal drunk sarcasm, made
it into scotts place. and over a bowl of frozen yogurt he
watched the beach, and i passed out. funny how i dont
remember much after that...i think i had some elaborate
plan to make out, but somewhere between getting really
hammered and waking up at 6 being freezing cold and half
naked, well, i lost track of my goals. but it was a great
night and i havent had that much fun with him since we
first met...so a big thank you to scott, because hes the
bomb. :) now its off to megans to pretend im studying for
my astronomy final tonight (ok so i lied and i wasnt
totally done with school but who cares tonight was really
my last final)