Emo song waiting to happen...
2001-12-11 22:42:09 (UTC)


Goddammit... Nikki is on the verge of breaking up with
me... she approached me today telling me how things arn't
good, how we never talk anymore, that it might be better if
we break up or if we have some time apart or something...
fucking Luis has been telling her all this crap, sometimes
he makes me feel like I can't fight my own battles, and he
makes me sound like I can't either. I told him to stop,
hopefully he listened... well after drivers ed today I'm
going to Nikki's house and I'm gonna talk to her about
everything, I'm gonna tell her everything I have to say...
I can only pray from there that things might be ok, but
it's very doubtful... I don't want to lose her, I can't
even feel it coming, it just seems like yesterday when
everything was so perfect, this can't happen, it can't, I
was miserable for two years before I met Nikki, if I lose
her, I'm nothing. She's my #1 priority...

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