becs crap
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2001-12-11 22:09:16 (UTC)


so since my new introduction...i have many things of which
to write about...finals for me were today, and i did pretty
good, which im happy about because we all know how much i
love school. friday is my last day of weekly work for the
year...ill still have work on the weekends, but since the
h2o aerobics classes are at the end of the semester, i wont
pick that back up till the 7th. i think ill kind of miss
the old ladies...fuck, i probably have more real friends in
there than i do anywhere else.

*hurting head while attempting to think of happy thoughts*

speaking of friends, bobby is home from his pack...not that
id know from him telling me himself, (even though he
promised to call me) but he imed peter and asked pete if
he wanted to go for a beer or something...lol and of course
pete tells me this and we go on and on and round and round
about the whole fiasco that happened last spring...and then
i sigh and remember that bobby has again broken a
promise...and i get really pissed off at the fact that i
have again worn my emotions on my sleeve, and i feel that
im getting bent over and fucked up the ass so to
speak...not just with him either...im not making a
complaint about him right now...im making a blanket
complaint about a lot of people that used to be my closest
friends...my confidants, hell some even my love
interests...why dont you fuckers cut me up now and decide
how to mutilate the pieces...im so sick of me being the
nice one, me being the one to apologize, to forgive, to
overlook the nasty words, and the jacked up morals, and the
deceit here...and so all of you can say, yeah well if you
dont like being my friend, then dont be my friend...but
thats a pretty pussy-ass way to act. have a little pride in
yourself, tell the truth now and then. realize when
someone has cared so much for you, and when you dont care
for them, at least just walk away nicely, dont spin around
and kick dirt in their eye...

thats all im writing in this entry...what a shitty start to
my new improved diary...and seeing as how this one is
censored, you can just itch at the thought of what ive said
behind concealment! :)


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