CrAzY LiFe!!
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2001-12-11 22:05:56 (UTC)

The one that doesn't know...

I was talking 2 Ross last night on the phone and he said
I love Tiffer (thats what he calls me sometimes...why?...I
dunno)But I go no u don't and he was like yea whatever how
do u know. I go you just don't and I know u don't. End of
conversation. I don't love him! I haven't ever loved him
and I know he never loved me because if he had would he had
cheated on me??......Twice? Ur probally thinking why do I
still talk to him then?? Well I want to at least be his least, because he has alot of things bringing
him down like school. I wrote about that earlier...Yes I
still like Ross alot and I'm crazy 4 saying so, but would I
ever give him a 2nd chance?? No probally not. Not after
everything I've been though once with him. But I'll be him
friend. :)
This guy Phil just kinda asked me out on this date. He
"I was thinkin maybe we could go to the movies sometime
and get something to eat like McDonalds. I'll even let you
supersize it. So what do u say...??"
I just said sure I kinda hope he doesn't look at it
like a date. I love Phil and everything but as a friend.
Catch what I'm saying? So then he asked 4 my # and said
he'd call me sometime and let me know. I was like ok cool.
Well thats pretty much it Krista moved away did I tell u
that??? Ben said he might take me up there though to go
have lunch with her next Thursday cuz she has school and we
don't. Well later!