A Worse Disposition Then Yours
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2001-12-11 22:03:53 (UTC)

I am so welcomed

I, Ny Chanh --last name cencored because I hate it--,
12 years, 6 months, 7 days, do bigin this Black Book

This is amazing. The word "welcome" wasn't even
mentioned no the e-mail. Well, I'm welcomed everywhere.
People appreciate so much. That's okay. I'm still
considering --cencored till next entry-- and have no choice
but to deal with it. I'll have better days. I chose the
wrong day to finally find the right free diary. (I don't
want to pay anything. I'm saving for the trip to Japan I'm
going to take after high school) I like the black. Lots of
black. That's just the mood I'm in. I'll try to screw up
the program and change it to green tomorrow. (Green's my
favorite color. Forest green, black, and silver.)
Just to get the point through, I LOVE DRAGONBALL Z.
Dragonball Z rules. I don't know how much I can stress
that. Sailor Moon's good to. I just like how they draw the
people. Dragonball Z's storyline is way better. I collect
Pokemon cards and Dragonball Z cards. I have Pokemon the
show but collect the cards. The cards are great. It's
genius how the card game works. The show totally sucks.
It's too predictable. When they make a movie, and the story
isn't so predictable, I like it. In Dragonball Z, you don't
know what's gonna happen and get excited for the next show.
Now the cards I don't understand. I just collect them for
the sake of my altimate favorite tv show. But the
characters are so hard to draw... I'm an excellent artist
but the people are so hard to draw. Sailor Moon has more
life-like people.
I typed too much today. I gotta go. See ya tomorrow.