just a normal life
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2001-12-11 20:52:37 (UTC)


Hey! ook since like the beginning of the year there was
this kid in my gym class who i thought was reallllly hot
and nice and all but i sorta thought he was...well a druggy
and i'm not into all that ya know and its not like i had no
reason to believe that cuz i mean they talked about it and
stuff soooo i was like well i wouldn't actually want to go
out with someone like that but.... last week my friend
ashley(who's in my gym class) came up to me and was like
guess wat?!?! yesterday during math Lonny and Tim(tim's the
guy i'm talkin about) came up to me and was like who's that
gurl ur always with in gym cuz shes really hot! whoa! lol
so newayz but the she told me later that tim wasn't serious
and he was just askin for Lonny but then today when i was
walkin into gym he was standing there talkin to some other
gurl and then he came up to me and asked if we were playin
floor hockey and i told him i dind't know and then hes like
so u think i'm a druggy? and i was like wat? and hes like
so u think i'm a druggy now and i was like umm wat r u
talkin about? and hes like u know wat i mean! i was no i
dont and then i walked down into the dressing rooms and i
was like ASHLEY!! y did u tell him that i said that! and
shes like well he kept askin me y u didn't want to go out
with him and all this stuff and so i just told him that u
thought he was a druggy so i felt reallly realllly bad
after that and i told her to tell him that i'm sorry for
sayin that cuz i mean whether he is one or not i feel bad
that he knew that i said that! I feel like such a jerk
latley!!! I saw a friend of mine in the hall and hes a
weird and funny kid and all and he was walkin down the hall
but he wasn't his usual like funny smiley type guy and i
said hi and he waved and then i turned to my other friends
that i was walkin down the hall with and i go wats wrong
with him but i said it loud on accident and i think he
heard me and i think hes goin thru some shit right now in
his life and i jsut feel sooooo sooo bad about that! geesh!
yea and lately i've been thinkin back to lgca which is my
favorite place in the world!!!(its a christian camp) newayz
and like i keep thinkin about this guy i met there and i
jsut can't stop thinkin about him! but he li8ves soo far
away and i don't know just kinda weird but i miss him lots!
but newayz i gtg and get my hw done so umm bye!

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