Joshin Jane

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2001-12-11 20:25:21 (UTC)

my pants are on the your mom still wearing hers?

after everything i've done, she's dissatisfied with my PSAT
she doesn't even know anything about anything.
she looked at my test booklet and angrily asked me why i
hadn't answered so many quetsions.
i had to explain the concept of an answer sheet.
i'm a big girl - i can tell the Ms from the Ws.

i have to call dr. s again, as if once wasn't enough to
break me in half.
i don't even have anything to propose to him and i don't
want to sacrifice my summer and my freedom and my interests
just because a few "knowledgeable" people say it might get
me into princeton.
it's like with might be good for me but
ultimately it's not my decision to make because they'll be
relentless if i don't do it.
if i get rejected from any college or any other program,
they'll be convinced that it was all because i squandered
this opportunity.

christmas song is on repeat.
beck did you mention anything to T about a certain sandwich?

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