a little piece of me
2001-12-11 20:14:38 (UTC)

this and that and nothing at all

just got back from godfathers. mmmmm, good stuff, but now
i don't feel so good. too much desert pizza! lol. i have
a weird story. at godfathers, they always have some
trivial pursuit cards on the table. well, i was reading
one question and it was about my home town! the town i
come from is some little no name piece of shit (less than
3000 people in it). i was in shock. lol. i stole the
card...i know, i'm terrible.

hmm, a friend of mine is upset, and i just don't know how
to help. i'm so bad at helping. i never know what to say
or do. i guess if i weren't such a hermit and learned to
interact with people i'd be of more use. i just feel so
bad. wish i could do more, or do anything at all
actually. i dunno...

muj is chewing the hell outa my mouse! crazy thing.
hehe. he broke his wing feather off again...same wing as
last time. i think i'm just gonna cut them off so he can't
do that! it must hurt him, and i feel terrible. poor
baby. i had a really weird dream last night. too dumb to
write about, but it was weird.

ok, must get some studying done before i fail all my
classes this semester. damn school. only 2 days left..