Magic of Mascara
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2001-12-11 20:02:08 (UTC)


I had a dream last night that i was driving down Broad to
get Jeff and the street turned into a very tight one lane
one direction street. I felt like I was in NY even thoguh
I've never been there. People were horrible and mean and I
was so scared. My car turned into this old piece of shit
German import like Mr. Bean drives or drove.So I'm driving
and driving and driving and I see William penn and get
excitedlike I always do when I'm going to get him but then
my car stalls. So I get out and start to walk and go past
this coffee place. It's this extremely tall building and it
looks so farmiliar because its in so many tour guide shows
about Philly because it's so old. (I dunno) So I go up to
the guy and I'm like wow is this the machine that's in all
the videos? And he looks me up and down and says no my dar,
come this way and i'll show u which on that is. So then we
start walking and the floor gets very tight like a plank. I
start to remember in the videos this other machine thatwas
at the very top of the building and I statrt to get scared.
So I tell him that I really have to go and that I'll have
to come back later to see it. Then he grabs my arm and says
no darling u can see it now. So then he starts walking up
this ladder that is horizontal not vertical...ahhh. So I
get scared and turn to go back and theres two big ugly guys
standing in my way. So I keep walking down this plank and I
get to this room that is very cold and all these kids are
huddled in balls trying to stay warm. They were sitting on
this very small piece of wood that went around the entire
room. Like just around the walls, and if they fell off
they'd drop a lot, down to the floor beneith that had a
little bit of nasty water and some huge tubs. So then I see
then jumping from one corner to another to get to me, they
finally come over and they look so scared. (Like the people
at the bottom of the ocean in the Little Mermaid, the ones
that ursela captured.) I try to leave and I am pushed into
this room. It was so cold and when the one kid tried to get
to me, I wasn't holding on and I fell off the plank and
woke up...

Needless to say I was freaked out as shit. I needed someone
in my room, in my bed with me to tell me I wasn't going to
die. I'm gonna be scared as shit gettting Jeff the next
time I'm down there. Thank god I know a different way.