Nothing but drama....
2001-12-11 19:52:05 (UTC)


Didnt have much to write these lst few days...nothing
really too interesting has been going on. The highlight was
on Sunday, Damien and I made up, and he gave me some good
lovin!....Boy was it good. Haha...Anyway, other than that,
nothing too exciting, same routine. Did laundry, cleaned
the bathroom, took care of the baby, took a shower, looked
like shit. Still dont fit into my jeans. When will this
nightmare end? I look like crap, no wonder Damien has
wandering eyes. I have no motivation to look nice,
especiall when I cant wear my jeans, and a nice top or
sweater. ITs just not happening right now. I still have
about 15 more pounds to go, and with the holidays coming up
GOD help me.
I also need to get my ass in gear. I am procrastinating and
being lazy and not doing my medical course. Just got lazy
and lolla-gagged, an d now I cant seem to get back on
track. Its all that note taking that bugs...I need the
printer would be so much easier.
What else....2 more weeks until Christmas....It'll be the
babys first Christmas. Im excited for that. But Im sad that
I am broker than broke. I really have no money. My credit
cards are even taking a fall. I need to get a job....but
dont have a sitter, Damien is using my car, (how will he
get around), and Im too fat to fit into my clothes...that
would mean spending money to shop for bigger
clothes...Never ending story....I need Mon-e, mon-e, mon-e,
Thats all folks...Baby is awake gotta get clothes from
dryer, and take a shower...

I love you Damien and Jonathan!!! The loves of my life!

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