A day in the life....
2001-12-11 19:44:39 (UTC)

Oh goodness

Oh diary, my diary
The fearful day is done
I wish to run away from here
For fear of things i've done

I long to see the sun rise up
I long to see it set
But that is but a dream i have
A dream come true? not yet.

Of people and of powers
Of life and but of love
I long to sing a melody
A song from up above.

But diary, oh diary
I don't know what to do
For every time i find someone
They leave me, that they do.

Life is fickle, and annoying, and lovely, and tempting all
at once it seems. I'm never quite sure what to make of it.
Seems like every time it comes for another one of my guy
friends to leave me is the time they come to me, with open
arms, longing to hold me, and care for me...but then they
leave, and it's worse than before, the loneliness that is.
But alas, i have no control over it. Life. C'est la vie.