I am a goddess
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2001-12-11 19:38:52 (UTC)

I feel so piggish

i was sticking very well i had my tea and altogether i had
about 600 cals until the turkey escalope which was left.
That was 289 calories on its own. Ooooohhhhhhhh i feel so
guilty. But im not just going to be talking about that.
I've been getting weird phone calls on my mobile from an
unnamed source. i have a phone number but i don't know whos
it is! its really bugging me. Its been happening for a few
days now.
Do you think i should be sick just to gwt rid of the turkey
i had so im back on track? Im not sure. I know i shouldn't
but its niggling away at the back of my mind and i know
i'll feel so much better if i do.
Oh i don't know what to do!!!!!
If i be sick i'll feel better but its harmful. If i don't
i'll feel really shitty and such a pig!!!!
Remember inspiration, i'm going to bring that everywhere
with me to remember it so everytime i feel like eating
something more than im allowed i will stop. Yes thats what
i'll do and im going to be sick. Not a lot though. I didn't
want to talk about this in that much detail but i ended up
doing so anyway.