My MeSsEd up LiFe; Maybe...
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2001-12-11 19:38:31 (UTC)

Feeling Bad for Chrissie.......

Chrissie has been going threw alot lately and I've been
noticing it. She just told me today that her n John
(boyfriend) are having some problems. I feel so bad for her
cause I know she really loves him but the fact is, they
live in different states. She's in NJ wit me n he's in CT,
they've been going out for about a year n half now, but I
really think the long distance relationship is getting to
him now. She even told me that she wishes he was closer to
her but he's not. What I think is that I think they should
have time apart. Cause he's been putting her in sad moods
and shes usually giddy. I mean this isnt the Chrissie i
know, its a completely different one. I dont like seeing
her like that, and I cant call her cause shes been going
out for the past 2 nights. But she wants to talk to me
about whats going on. When we talk, I think i should tell
her they might need time apart. Then again, John's fine
after they see eachother. Oh well, I just hope she gets
happy again and for him to stop being a jerk to her.
Anyway, I'ma go. I'll write more later.

*Homie S*

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