Little Bird

Private Babbling
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2001-12-11 19:21:26 (UTC)

So cool!

Yesterday I was looking for a horse shoer. I thought it was
about time to get Comet's feet done since they haven't been
done in about a year, to the best of my knowledge anyway.

This sounds really bad BUT I was looking around for a shoer
and got a lead from a local board. It had his name, etc on
it and then someone replied that he could dance well, was
single and really cute. I ignored the later half of the
post. I just need a shoer. lol
ANYWAY, I called him and he sounded just as cute as the
post-er had said. He had an infectious laugh too. You could
just tell he's a happy kinda guy.
He was busy so he had to take my name and number. I swear,
I waited by the phone willing him to call me back! I am
such a loser! lol
When he finally did call me back, the first time, I hung up
on him by accident. I didn't know for sure it was him so I
didn't call him. I didn't want to look like a freak. SO, I
waited s'mo. I was just putting my horse up when he called
the second time. WOO HOO
We talked about his shoeing methods and all his farrier
toys etc and so on BUT the conversation kept getting
friendly and 'personal'. I found out he came up here to be
with a woman. He's from Iowa where he had a big business
with show horses, mainly paints and AQHA but some Arabs
too. (2 gold stars! lol)

He was also in Rodeo too. He was the first to ride this
rank bull named Mr. T to a full 8 seconds. Not that this
pleases me really, I lost a TX Cowboy to a bull...Seems
like this one has got Rodeo competition out of his system
for now. If he wants a rodeo I'll let him ride the colts I
have in the barn this winter. lol

Long story short, he's gonna hang out with me this Saturday
since he doesn't know anyone in IL. I'm going to take him
to meet my step-dad (who owns a livery stable) and if
everything goes well he will be able to use a room in the
bunk house for a while and get some work from my dad!!
I don't want to jinx anything so I proly shouldn't have
written this but all of this was swimming in my head last
Being so caught up in the possibility of having a new
*cough* friend is kinda a shock to me. I was planning to
take my horse to Cetral IL and live out the rest of my life
with him as a hermit. lol

I was hoping for another Cowboy from Iowa to at least call
me, instead I get one dropped at my door.

Oh, and he comes with his own boarder collie!

And by the way...'the woman' he was sposed to hook up with
was one of those women that's just going thru a Cowboy
phase. She wanted one of them 'Cowboys' that drive a BMW
and have a hat that hasn't touched the dirt! lol

Hey, I'm no buckle bunny...I have the utmost repect for a
man that can 'do it all' and here in IL they are few and
far between.