Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2001-12-11 19:02:32 (UTC)

*~bad things come in threes... i hope...~*

Yesterday was one of the worst days of cramps... not
that any of you wanted to know that, but I had to stay
home from school for the first half of the day. Then my
parents decided that I'd taken enough midol, aleve, and
ibuprofen to keep me through the rest of the day. It
turns out that the midol i'd been taking has an
ingredient in it that causes dizziness and
light-headedness. Also, I didn't know that naproxen
sodium (aleve) and midol shouldn't be taken together,
so the two things toogether made me very dizzy and it
made me feel kind of nauseous. My parents thought
that I was faking it, so I had to go to school anyway.
When I got into my French classroom, the full effects of
the two things were hitting me very badly, and I felt very
faint. The teacher told me to go to the office and call my
mom. My mom came and picked me up from school
about twenty minutes after I'd gotten to school. Then
about bedtime, I called my boyfriend, and he got onto
this big thing about how he'd been thinking (never let
your man's mind wander, it's too small to be out on its
own). He wanted to break up. He said that it wasn't
me, it was him, and that I'd been wonderful to him
recently. I was wondering what the problem was then.
He then proceeded to diss my music, the face that I am
depressed (which II will be medicated for by January),
and the fact that I was suicidal. They're just a bunch of
bullshit reasons. He's not at school today... probably
because he's afraid he'll see me. The only class we
have together is today. Then, the third bad thing that
has happened to me in two days is the fact that this
morning I lost my backpack. Well, I didn't lose it,
someone took it, and I took theirs. He then proceeded
to go to a different school for two periods. I was at school
without my backpack. My teachers were a little pissed off, but
they understood. My friend McKenna got dumped 2
weeks ago by one of my boyfriend's friends. She
understands, and she's writing me a note "explaining"
some things to me. I don't know what it will say, but if I
feel like it I will post it here. Okay, we're about to
change classes again and I have to pack up, so I'll write