Lil. Playful
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2001-12-11 19:00:14 (UTC)

Sick inside.

i feel sick in the stomach and i just feel like i did very
wrong i dont know what to do with all this guilt and just
want to be all alone. why we did t we dont know but its to
late to turn back and we cant chicken out from this point
nobody knows how much pain that i am in right now i feel
like trowing up or jumping off a roof... gosh i really cant
believe myself anymore. who am i now? im not myself anymore
my pal is mad at me and that makes me feel worse and sick a
very bad combiniation. i sound like a crazy person but im
not really. i just dont feel that good these last two days
have been hell for me. i cant even tell my boyfriend what
wrong with me i dont know why? i thought that i could
really trust him... i dont know what to do right now. i
guess thats all for today. t.t.f.n.