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2001-12-11 18:58:20 (UTC)

bar with mommy. just got back...

bar with mommy.
just got back.
leaving for emilys shortly.
i want to take a nap
but there
not here.
i cant without emily.
blew off shawn for lunch.
feel kind of bad.
supposed to see my sister tomorrow.
and her mother.
dont know if im going to.
thats a little weird...
and theyre going to this "herb" shop.
thats really not one.
she wants me to come.
she wants emily and i to go see her either tues or wed.
or both of next week.
i have break coming up.
i dont know though.
i dont know if i would have a good time.
i dont know if emily would.
my sister doesnt really like to go out and do things.
and i think emilys add is rubbing off on me a bit.
wearing old school deodorant.
so i smell old school.
stopping by work before i go to emilys.
picking up magazine pics of hot girls.
boys are good for those type of things. =)
i need to finish the talk i had with him.
i wish that i could just talk to everyone in the whole
make them realize things.
too bad i only have one mouth.
and too bad they only have two ears.
i will do my best though.
although i might not change the world...
maybe i can change some peoples minds.
open a couple eyes.
and maybe if we all did that.
the world itself could see a lot clearer.
not seeing jennifer today.
havent seen her in awhile.
i miss her.
my life is this now.
and although shes always a part of it.
its getting hard to make it work.
hard to fit her in.
and that sounds horrible.
and in fact it IS horrible.
thats the life of a crazy college girl who works and is in
a relationship.
sucks though.
life would be a lot easier without the bullshit.
but then again.
it would be a lot more boring as well.
bar didnt have coffee.
anger for me.
i love my waffle house guy.
david is a very cool person.
we have good talks.
he makes me happy.
i make him happy.
and thats wonderful.
not calling the photography guy back.
not in the mood.
chewing my hair.
yes baby.
tastes good.


labels are for cans.
or wait..
is that lesbians.
i just remembered that.
im missing sergio a lot right now
we had fun times.
fun times doing nothing
and fantasic talks.
i think talking and listening to people talk
is my favorite thing to do.
i like the way brains work.
its fun to watch them do that.


i want to take a nap and emilys being mean.
but now cute.
so its alright.
im leaving soon.
yay for hot girls.

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