The Craig "Crazy Cooter/Machine" Kazda
2001-12-11 18:00:39 (UTC)

Crazy Guy Who Lives in His Car

Here we are. Another day. And Finals week to top that. I am
going to make it short. I don't have time today to continue
the overview of my sad life. I wanted to tell you a funny
story though.

Yesterday I am going to class, and I see this car with a
whole lot of clothes in it in front Blair (the music
building), but I think nothing of it and continue on. Then
today, I am coming back from lunch, and had to make a stop
over at Humanities where I had to take off for tonight from
my job. If you care, I work at Media Services, which is
located in the basement of Humanities. So anyway, I get off
of work and am heading back to Funkhouser (which is where I
live, if you didn't already know). On my way back, I see
the car again, in the same place as yesterday, and a guy
walking up to the car. He gets to the car and pulls out a
bag. I noticed what he was wearing, and it was a shirt that
a saw in the car yesterday, and he has not appeared to have
showered today. So all of this got me thinking and I
concluded that he must live in his car. That is sorta
creepy. I am just wondering why he has to live in his car.
I hurried away, but I really don't know why. So, now there
is this creepy guy that is living out of his car on College
Ave., and I wish that he would move. I really don't want to
see that every morning! Anyway, I have to go study now.
Good Luck on all of your finals, if you are in college that


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