Life, no one gets out alive?
2001-12-11 18:37:56 (UTC)

all I do

All I do is sleep and feel sad. I don't know why I feel
this way but I do always.

I think I'm and empath(I'm bullshitting myself but I'm
going to explain anyway)becuase everyone around me is sick
but they don't feel sick and I do but I am not

I've also felt incredibly morose lately at my other journal
I have been ranting and raving about everything... I just
can't seem to feel okay anymore.

I think it mostly has to do with my grandfather's death
recently. After that I just started tweeking. It seems to
have pushed me over the edge. As it very well could have
expecially because of 2 other deaths this year; One death
was my grandmother(his wife) and the other was a friend
from school(he was in my graduating class no less). So
this year seems to have just gotten worse and worse.

I remmeber feeling sad alot in the summer but it wasn't as
often and as desperate as it is now. But at least this
time I could identify how and felt and try to remedy it
(failure). But I could control it a wee bit better since
I've ben through this before.

I'll have to figure something out soon becusae I don't know
how much more of this feeling I can take.

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