little mind farts...
2001-12-11 18:34:07 (UTC)

big brown eyes...

i do yoga so i am really flexible in my legs. i was
sitting indian style in my chair and then i got bored so i
sat with my knees bent then i took one of my legs and
wrapped it around my knee. while i did that i buried my
nose in my leg. it smells so good. i have switched to
victoria secret's "secret crush" shit and man...does it
smell good! one of my ex boyfriends told me that he could
always tell when i was coming because he smelled a rush of
flowers. how sweet! i don't even smell it half of the time.
i shower then put on lotion and little body spray. i guess
that i am used to it. david explained to me exactly why
this is so...he's so smart! there was no sarcasm in that
statement either! :0)

-mickey :0)

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