Thoughts of Bunny Fu Fu
2001-12-11 18:17:18 (UTC)


Hoodies are awesome.

I was wearing my sweatshirt that I got at Ocean City this
summer and was hot so Jake took off his hoodie and I went to
the restroom to change. It's 12:15... I coulda gone home
around 10am but I've been hanging out with friends.

Jake and I are becoming very good friends. We have the same
problems with our relationships at this time. He's a sweet
guy all around too. I think that he's watching to see if
what I did with Steve works. We're on a "break". Oh, and
Steve is my boyfriend of about 2 years.

Too bad HTML doesn't work in here. I read on the FAQ that
they are still considering putting it in. I understand that.
I have a diary at opendiary that allows users to use HTML. A
lot of people figured out how to hack into the system and
turn the ads off for their site.

I don't know what will happen with our relationship. The
love seems to be flickering... which scares me. I told him
that and... well I don't think that he believes it. I always
thought I could control who I loved to an extent. Yet, here
I am. Unknowing of my relationship with Steve and
considering a relationship with a guy in Australia... or
Jakie. Ohh yay. Time to spend more time with Jake.

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