little mind farts...
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2001-12-11 18:08:20 (UTC)

sushi tid-bits

i just had some sushi for the third time...i am really
starting to like it. the taste of sushi is definitly an
aquired one. :0)
i really don't like people who are clingy. it's like
damn it, get a life and get the fuck off of me! i am a
really independent female. i like to be with and do things
with my friends but when push comes to shove i am very
capable of doing things and going places by myself. i don't
like those people who are constantly negative. i am a
optimist...i like being happy and looking at the bright
side of life. i have no problem helping my friends through
problems but when their problems become redunant and i know
that they are being over dramatic, then forget it. i will
tell them to stop being so damn dramatic. i know a few
people like person in particular and she is
urking me right about now. i love her to death but she is
working the nerves. lol
saturday is coming up and i am ultra excited!!!!! david
and i have already decided to go out and do something
together. i have to get the details down. it is going to
cold saturday i think. oh well i am good at doing
spontaneous i know that i can come up with
friday some of my friends are coming over and my friends
lupe and jose are going to fix me some mexican food (my
favorite type of food) and we are going to pig out with
damn good food and lots of beer. man, this will fuckin
rock. i can't wait for it! it just seems like this week is
going by slowly. i suspose that it is just the anticipation.

-michelle :0)

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